My 20th Birthday!

To start my birthday I really REALLY wanted to go out somewhere cool with my friends and I thought what better place than West 5 in Ealing. Jinkx Monsoon (winner of season 5 of RuPaul) was going to be performing on the 30th of September and I thought, since she's one of my favourite Queens, that it was perfect timing! She performed amazingly the whole night and was the same incredible person when I met her after the show. The bar woman at West 5 was so kind and asked the security guy if I could get a photo since it was after 12 I'd officially turned 20! Jinkx sang Happy Birthday to me and it was the perfect beginning to the best weekend! Before Jinkx: Me, Chloe, Oliver and Ellie went for a lovely meal at Spoons. I had the Avocado Burger, chips, coleslaw and hot chocolate #MealToDieFor.

Me and my dad had made plans for him to come up and visit me so we could fulfil our dream of watching Miss Saigon on the West End - a musical we're both emotionally attached to since it became my first ever leading role in an amateur production. The show couldn't have been better; the lighting, the acting, the singing, everything sent chills up my spine! I also got to open all my presents that day! My mom made me a massive treat box full of sweets and chocolate, my friend Chloe got me a treat box too and remembered that my favourite singer was Cher and got me her CD! My lovely sister got me a cushion I'd been eyeing for ages from Primark and she made me a photo frame with a picture of us together, and my brother got me the coolest dance top which I was touched by as it's the first present he's bought me (on his own) with his own money and I absolutely love it. My dad also treated me to a steak meal and a snazzy large glass of rosé wine.

On the Saturday me and my dad had planned to go to Thorpe Park since it's nearby, but what I didn't know was that there was another surprise! I'd been saying all morning that I fancied sitting outside because the weather was so nice, but my dad kept telling me to wait since it was a bit chilly in the mornings (I didn't think anything of it) and he mentioned that my mom would be at work in that moment. When 9/10am came, he told me to go outside and set up the chairs for a lovely English breakfast and just as I exited the caravan there sat my little sister, Olivia and my mom. I naturally looked very confused and then started crying - with joy! We were all going to spend the day together which was more than I ever could wish for.

Together we went on almost everything (except three of the big roller-coasters, which we've reserved for next time!) and had a fantastic day. I would definitely recommend Thorpe Park to a friend. It's perfect for people with small kids and for adults who love scary roller-coasters. My heart started racing when we were in line for some of them but then I saw all these ten year old's and thought if they were going on it and weren't scared then surely they couldn't be that bad! The best ride of the day of definitely Colossus, part of me feared that I wouldn't like it because of all the twists and turns but it felt like you were flying in the air like a superhero! Thank you to everyone who made my 20th birthday so incredible! It's one I'm never going to forget!
Thanks for reading,