Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Recipe Book.

Nandos Curry and Vegetable Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and More...

"Nandos Curry." 

- Uncle Ben's Pilau Rice.
- Chicken Breasts.
- Nando's Coat & Cook Medium.
- Sunflower Oil.
- Schwartz Chicken Seasoning.
This recipe is another quick and easy one.  It uses a few of the same ingredients to the "Vegetable Chicken" but instead of the Dolmio Sauce (and vegetables) we're going to use the Nando's sauce and some rice. For a single portion - just myself - I use a full packet of rice, two chicken breast fillets and one packet of the Nando's Coat & Cook Medium.

1. Griddle your chicken breasts with some sunflower oil until they're cooked, but not overdone. You don't want dry chicken!
2. Add the chicken to a Wok and mix in the Nando's Coat & Cook Medium Sauce.
3. Start cooking the Uncle Ben's Pilau Rice in the microwave.
4. Add the Schwartz Chicken Seasoning to the Wok and then mix in the rice.
5. Serve!
Only five simple steps and you have a delicious Nando's Curry.

"Vegetable Chicken." 

- Dolmio (Stir In) Tomato & Basil Sauce.
- Spinach.
- Chicken breasts.
- Schwartz Chicken Seasoning (optional)
- Butter.
- Sunflower Oil.
- Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables: red onions, red pepper, green pepper, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, baby corn.
Image from: VegKitchen.

1. Cut your chicken breasts in half and grill them with some sunflower oil until the chicken is cooked through. Make sure not to overcook the chicken.
2. Put the Dolmio (stir in) tomato & basil sauce into a Wok with some Schwartz chicken seasoning and spinach. Heat up the sauce as the chicken cooks.
3. Add some butter to the chicken and then cut it into pieces.
4. Add the cooked chicken breasts to the Dolmio Sauce to the Wok.
5. Griddle your Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables. 
6. Add the Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables to the wok.
7. Serve!

This is such a quick and simple super healthy meal. You can serve it with rice or pasta. For a single portion, I use the whole container of the Dolmio sauce, three handfuls of spinach, two chicken breasts, one teaspoon of butter, a dash of sunflower oil and a whole tub of Mediterranean vegetables from the co-op. I love this recipe so much and hope you enjoy it too!

"Sweet Potatoes!"

- A sack of sweet potatoes,

- Salt and pepper,

- Olive oil,
- Butter.

To make these all you have to do it peel the skin from the sweet potatoes and pop those skins on a baking tray with some Olive Oil, season with salt and pepper. Cook until golden brown.

Take your peeled potatoes and put them into a pan of boiled water. Boil them on the hob, until the potatoes are soft and squishy. Pour the water away once they're squishy and mash the soft potatoes, adding lots of butter with some salt and pepper.

Leave the skins on the sweet potato. Cut each potato in half and then cut into strips, make them as thick or as thin as you like. Sprinkle lightly with oil, then pop in the oven until they look crispy. Cover with salt and pepper and any additional seasoning.

I'm not actually a big fan of regular potatoes but if you are, you can totally just alter these recipes. Really hope you enjoyed reading these recipes and let me know if you try any of them out yourself, post pictures in the comments below! 
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Love Alexandria.


TITLE: "How D'Ya Like Your Eyes In The Morning."
ARTIST: Rich, Young and Pretty (Musical)
YEAR: 1951.
COMPOSER: Sammy Cahn and Nicholas Brodszky.
GENRE: Musical.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Nanshy Marvel Blender Review.

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Today I'm doing a review on the "Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Blending Sponge" which I purchased at IMATS but you can buy this product online with the link provided. My first thought was how soft the sponge was so I then went ahead and soaked it in water and it almost instantly expanded! I squeezed the sponge to get rid of the excess water and it stayed the same size and it was extremely soft. My foundation blended out beautifully as did my concealer and cream contour, however it does soak up the product a tiny bit but nothing major. The different shapes around the sponge allow you to blend every part of the face. For £5.95 this sponge is a steal! 
Thank you for reading!
Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Coors Ice Cave Rave Birmingham.

Birmingham "Corrs" Ice Cave Rave, Catch-up with a Friend... 
Today my friend (Jess) kindly asked me out for a catch-up since I've returned home to Birmingham "Coors Ice Cave Rave!" The photo right at the top of this post was taken from the Birmingham Mail website, where if you click the link you can read their article about this amazing event. If you want to book tickets you can do so on CoorsLight. The promotional event is being held outside the Birmingham Library in Centenary Square from the 20th - 29th of May. It's completely free to attend, you just have to buy your own drinks (if you want them) which are priced between £2.00 - £6.50. Normally the idea of a cocktail made of beer would turn my stomach but it was actually amazingly good! We spent 30 minutes in the ice cave in total which was super cool in every sense of the word. Definitely, give it a try before it leaves!
for the Summer. She came up with the coolest idea, rather than just a simple drink or a meal out, we went to the

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Love Alexandria.


TITLE: "Love Me Tender."
ARTIST: Elvis Presley.
YEAR: 1956.
COMPOSER: George R. Poulton and Ken Darby.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Jamie Oliver's Diner & In The Heights.

Friday was my last day as a first year at University (which has gone by extremely quickly!) so myself, Michaela, Emily and Fiona decided to go out for an end of year meal. We chose to go to "Jamie Oliver's Diner" in Piccadilly Circus. They mainly sell Burgers and Hot Dogs which are delicious. This was my second time going and it's quickly becoming one of my favourite London restaurants. I wish they would sell their sweet potato fries in the takeaway service downstairs though!

After our incredible meal, Fiona and I took a spontaneous trip to the ticket counter in the Leicester Square tube station and bought two tickets to watch "In The Heights". I didn't really know what to expect from this show - not being a massive fan of rap music - I was dubious. I can understand why the modern audience would adore this show and I did enjoy it but my personal taste still pushes me more toward the vintage musicals. The show reminded me of RENT in some ways and the talent in the cast is UNREAL! It was so nice hearing such belty pieces sang with extreme openness, so free in sound. The female numbers were really catchy and the actors portrayed them very well. I love the staging a lot and the setting used. I would definitely recommend this musical to teenagers and anyone who's a fan of modern rap-pop music.

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TITLE: "Enough."
ARTIST: In the Heights.
YEAR: 1999.
COMPOSER: Lin-Manuel Miranda.
GENRE: Pop/Musical/Rap.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Musical of the Day: Annie Get Your Gun.

Musical of the Day: Annie Get Your Gun (1950) Irving Berlin ...
I decided to watch this movie today because I'd never seen it and have heard it's similar in style to Calamity Jane which I also love. I adored this musical so SO much! My favourite musicals are always the classics and this slotted into that category perfectly. I think I prefer Calamity Jane because I personally found Calamity funnier. Annie Get Your Gun contains a lot of "well-known" songs and I enjoyed the story and actors as well. I also appreciated that it wasn't a very long movie. Normally musicals can be around 2-3 hours long (especially the older ones) and they're a mission to sit through if they don't spike your interest from the get go, but this movie was only about an hour and 40 minutes and it held my interest all the way through. I liked that I could sing along and it was just a really cute film. Perfect to watch on my day off from work! I hope you enjoyed reading about my Musical of the Day. Let me know if you want me to do more of these!
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TITLE: "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire."
ARTIST: The Ink Spots.
YEAR: 1941.
COMPOSER: Eddie Durham and Bennie Benjamin.
GENRE: Pop/Jazz/Blues.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Missguided - Review.

Dress and Shoes Purchased from Missguided! Glam Pink Look... 

Recently I went on Missguided and decided to treat myself to an outfit for when I go on another cute outing; for a meal or to the theatre, etc. I made some MEGA savings with this purchase so decided to make a blog post about it! Here's a review of the two items I bought. Massive thank you to my friend, Oliver who chose the dress when I thrust my phone at him in frustration at not being able to find anything to match the shoes. Hope you all enjoy! All photo's in this post are from the Missguided website, except for the one above which is from the lovely Clothing site, donnaflowervintage.

This dress was actually chosen for me by one of my friends at Uni. I wanted an outfit to go with the shoes below and he found this super cute midi dress! It's described as being a dusty pink colour on the website, which I would say is very accurate. I also posted the measurements from the website below and put my own measurements (from January 2016) in brackets so it's easier for you guys to see if it's true to size. I have to say when I tried this dress on, I found that it rides up a little, mainly because of the width of the hips. The length of the dress is really nice, but it comes up a little higher on myself than it does on the picture to the left. The material is really thick and it feels like good quality. Definitely worth the money on sale, but I don't think I would have spent £28 on this item.

BUST 81cm (85cm)
WAIST 63cm (64cm)
HIPS 88.5cm (85cm)
ON SALE: £14

I first saw these shoes on a Youtuber's page: Jadah Doll. Her whole style is very adorable and pink, so I'm naturally in love with her videos! The minute I saw theses shoes on her December Favourites I knew I had to have them in my life, so eventually (after three weeks and much persuasion from friends!!!) I plucked up the courage to spend some money. I got them in a Size 5 and couldn't be happier. When they arrived packaged really nicely and they look exactly the same as the picture on the right. These shoes are perfect to wear on a night out. They're so comfortable and they can be dressed up or down, depending on where you're planning to go. The actual heel isn't too tall either (in my opinion!) so they're not too difficult to walk in unless you're walking along the cobbled streets in London where no heeled shoe is a good idea. I would definitely not recommend wearing them in the rain, just because of the material it's made from. Overall, they've become my favourite shoes recently and for £20 I think they're a bargain considering how often I wear them.

ON SALE: £20

POSTAGE, PACKING AND DELIVERY: I had a lot of delivery problems with this order, which had nothing to do with Missguided as far as I could tell. The courier had either misplaced the parcel or had just not delivered it. I heard from the desk staff at my accommodation that the courier company itself were low on staff that week. Missguided were quick and efficient to reply to my complaint and refunded my 2-3 day postage immediately.

SAVINGS: With these two items, I got a really good student discount from Unidays and ended up saved £8.50 from that and then I had my £4.50 postage refunded to me. In the end I only spent £25.50!!! Until, the parcel still didn't arrived... two weeks later. The woman from Missguided who ended up sorting my claim gave me a £10 goodwill refund and my parcel arrived two days after so overall it only cost me £15.50! Massive thank you to Missguided for sorting out the couriers mistake. I would definitely shop from this online store again. In total, I made £52 in savings, going from £67.50 to only £15.50! Really hope you all found this review interesting,
Thanks so much for reading, hope to write again soon!


TITLE: "Civilisation - Bongo, Bongo, Bongo."
ARTIST: Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye.
YEAR: 1948.
COMPOSER: Bob Hilliard and Carl Sigman.
Sunday, 31 January 2016

Buckingham Palace and Britain's Got Talent.

A Very Cute British Outing with Fiona, Michaela and Oliver... 
Image above:, an incredible company that shows you all London has to offer!  

Buckingham Palace, 1927: Posted by Leonard Bentley
"Another photograph of an unusual event in 1927 when Constitution Hill, The Mall and Marlborough Road were used as an alternative bus route whilst road works took place in Piccadilly. The Postcard company used this opportunity to change the advertising on the side of the buses during processing to advertise their own company, in this case, it was 'Tucks'." Leonard Bentley.

Hi there! To begin this blog post I need to state that the date of the events was four days prior to the posting. I wanted to put all the images together to make everything look pretty and neat as this is my first blog post, ah! Today I'm going to talk about my trip to the Britain's Got Talent and our impromptu trip to see the Royal Residents of our reigning monarch. 

So to begin, on the 27th of January 2016, Fiona won 4 tickets to watch the Britain's Got Talent Auditions. Naturally, I was over the moon. I'd won tickets for the day prior but we couldn't go due to being at University, so we were extremely excited to actually get to go the same week. Myself, Fiona, Michaela and Oliver decided we wanted to do some sight-seeing beforehand which is why we ended up going to see Buckingham Palace.

The weather was a little windy and rainy but we braved it and got to see the Headquarters of the Royals! We even took some cute pictures. If we went again, I'd love to see the "Changing of the Guard" and also go on a tour inside the residence. There is also the Queen's Gallery right next to the Palace, but we didn't have time to go in and explore further. The British Flag was raised on the roof so her Majesty was in the building! There's also a really cute gift shop nearby with Royal Family merchandise. After looking around the area we decided to get some food. Being the poor students we are, we ended up chilling in McDonald's till the rain calmed down and then popped over to Top Shop because they had a massive sale on! I ended up getting a really cute denim jumpsuit for £28 (which was meant to be £60) We got our free tickets for the Britain's Got Talent show at around 5pm.

They told us when we got there that we could either come back for the show at 8pm or we could go backstage and get filmed! Instantly we chose the latter option and were took behind the scenes. We got to sit in the same room as the contestants, but we didn't really do a lot because we were just there to fill the space up. The room was a lot smaller than I imagined it to be on television. We left after about an hour and a half and went to Starbucks to try and get something from the Secret Starbucks Menu. We went to the one on New Oxford Street, but they didn't have certain ingredients and they didn't really seem aware of what the Secret Menu actually was, so we had to just show the barista the list of ingredients to see if he had them. We tried ordering the Butterbeer Frappuccino, Rolo Frappuccino, Peppermint Mocha and Sugar Cookie but they didn't have the ingredients for the first three so we ended up just having the Sugar Cookie without the raw sugar on top. 


- White Mocha Hot Chocolate.
- Hazelnut Syrup (1 pump for Tall, 2 pumps for Grande, 3 pumps for Venti)
Vanilla Syrup (1 pump for Tall, 2 pumps for Grande, 3 pumps for Venti)

I think the secret recipe menu may just be an American thing? They didn't seem to have a lot of the ingredients to hand. This Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate, however, is amazing and you can get it at any Starbucks worldwide!

Finally, we got to the Dominion Theatre for Britain's Got Talent and took our seats. The event started at 8:20pm and we ended up sitting in the middle of the Circle. Our seats were actually really good but as the night progressed people started to leave (as the event went on past 11pm) so we ended up moving to the front of the Circle. We stayed until the end and watched all the acts. I won't be writing about any of the acts in particular just because I feel it will spoil things for anyone who wants to watch when the show actually airs. I will mention, however, that David pressed the Golden Buzzer!!! The whole room went crazy! 

It was really nice to go back to the Dominion Theatre again as it was the first West End Theatre I ever visited. I went in high school to see "We Will Rock You". Overall, we had such an incredible day, exploring London and seeing a thoroughly entertaining show on the evening. Really hope you enjoyed this post and all those to come,
Thanks for reading,


TITLE: "Let's Misbehave."
ARTIST: Originally, Irène Bordoni. Irving Aaronson Version.
YEAR: Originally, 1927. Irving: 1928.
COMPOSER: Cole Porter.
GENRE: Jazz.