February Favourites.

Hello again! It's time for February favourites. This month I've been to the Science Museum, Camden, Saturday Night Takeaway, walked 21253 steps around London in a day, ate a cheeky Nando's, watched the incredible Level 6 performers in their production of 'Copy & Paste' at LCM and also popped home for the weekend to visit my mom for her birthday! It's been a busy month but an amazing one. I've got some really cool projects coming up in March that I can't wait for but for this month, here are my favourite things...

Skin Care.

This month I treated myself to a product that was on sale in Superdrug because I'd heard amazing things about the brand. It's the 'Nip+Fab Exfoliate Overnight Purifying Gel'. I was a bit dubious when getting this product because it promised many things and for a tenner I didn't know if it was going to be worth it. I have only used it twice so far but let me tell you, it's incredible! I put a generous amount of the product on my skin before going to sleep and when I woke up the next morning I began putting on my Olay primer and my skin started to peel off!!! Gross I know, but when I managed to wipe my face clean it felt so smooth and fresh. It's designed for oily and uneven skin tones and targets clogged pores. It lifts dead skin cells from the skin and makes everything really soft. I'm going to continue using this stuff and will let you know if anything changes but for this month, it's become my favourite skin care product.

Song/Album of the Month.

'This Is Acting' by Sia! I'm absolutely in love with Sia and have been for a very long time. From her old stuff to her new, the songs she's produced for herself and others. I absolutely love her tone of voice and how unique she is, not just for her look but for her vocals also. The sounds she creates come from emotion rather than a need to sound perfect and that's something I think we're really missing in the pop industry today; the emotional connection between the singer and the lyrics. Everything Sia sings has a special meaning to her and I feel it every time she sings. I love music with hidden stories and meanings behind them. Also being a fan of dance moms, I adore the way she used theatrics in her live performances through the art of dance and movement. I feel like you don't need to see her face to feel what she wants you to feel. This new album is a mixture of dark and light. The lyrics are beautifully structured and I'm just a massive fan of hers. I don't have a favourite song from the album because I literally love every single one!

Hair Care.

Kylie Jenner's Two Braids.
Half way through February I decided to chop off as many split ends as I could find and then coated my hair in coconut oil overnight to repair some of the damage done over time from hair dye and straightening. I went through a moment this month of wanting to chop all my hair off, mainly because my roots have finally grown through to about shoulder length. I'd never cut my hair short again but the thought popped into my head because sometimes long hair is really difficult to maintain, especially in Winter when the cold dries my hair out so much. After cutting all the ends off it now feels much healthier. Coconut Oil is once again my monthly favourite for hair because I've started using it as a leave-in conditioner and it's worked wonders. My hair used to be tangled and messy but this stuff has smoothed it out and it looks so much shinier. I've also been avoiding all heat, so no curlers/hair-dryers/etc. If I've had to dry my hair I've done it on the cold setting of the hair-dryer and again that's helped so much. I get split ends really easily so I'm still looking into more methods to prevent them but know that until my natural hair grows through properly the damage from the dye will always be there.


"The Girl With All The Gifts" by M.R.Carey is a thriller novel about a young girl called Melanie. It's based on an infection that's quickly spreading around the world, and it turns people into post-apocalyptic creatures. There's a doctor (played by Glenn Close in the 2016 movie, coming soon) who's trying to undo the infection by operating on children, one of which being Melanie. This book is such a relaxed read and every page leads onto the next really well, to the point where I didn't want to put it down. The author has written for DC Comics and Marvel, so it's no wonder the story is as original and creative as it is. I'd ask for a sequel to this book but the story ended in such a perfect place that another book about these characters (I feel) just wouldn't be the same. I love the creative story and characters that much! I would rate this book five stars and more! It's heartfelt, thrilling and the characters are all so cleverly written. I really can't wait to see the movie adaptation of this book when it's released and I may have some really cool and amazing news on that soon, but for now... that news shall remain a mystery!

Movies and TV.

We had a movie night at Uni this month and watched one of my favourite movies ever, "Down With Love." Starring Reneé Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. This is the ultimate feel good movie, yet not many people have seen it! It's completely cheesy, but in a humorous way. Set in 1962, New York, it follows Barbara Novak (played by Zellweger) - a budding author of the new book 'Down With Love'. Along the way, she tries to meet up with ladies man, Catcher Block (played by McGregor) - a writer at Know Magazine, wanting an interview from him to promote her book, but he always seems to be too busy to meet up with her. This movie also stars Sarah Paulson and David Hyde Pierce. The costumes are incredible and stylistically it's amazing to watch!!! My friend Fiona, who watched this movie with me and Michaela has written a monthly favourites post also, including this film, please go and check out her blog!

I'm finally almost up-to-date with the Vampire Diaries!!! I've really enjoyed catching up on the series this month and can't wait till I'm actually on track with it again. I'm just starting Season 7 at the moment, so I'm almost there! For those who don't know by now, the Vampire Diaries follows Elena Gilbert and the two Salvatore brother - all three of them Vampires. They always get themselves into difficult situations and there's a lot of dying and coming back to life involved too. I'm praying that there's going to be a Season 8, but the date hasn't been confirmed yet for when it's going to air, so fingers crossed!!!


This month I've been trying to go for a more natural look, due to University. Benefit's Dandelion blush is one I bought quite a while ago but didn't really use much, until now. It's very soft and light and blends amazingly with my bronzer and highlighter without looking too pink. It's subtle but definitely still there and it lasts ALL day! I've found in the past - especially with cheaper brands - that lighter blushes seem to fade throughout the day and become almost none existent but this one is just as pigmented when I get back from a long day of Uni to when I put it on in the morning. You can get this blush online from Boots, Debenhams or the actual Benefit website for about £21-£23 or you can go on Ebay and have a look to see if there's any bargains. If you can't find anything on there, but are still on a budget there's a great dupe for this product by W7 called Candy Floss. W7 also do a dupe for the Hoola bronzer by Benefit called Honolulu. Your best bet is Ebay for the dupes as I couldn't find them on W7's actual website. I've had the Dandelion Blush for a good couple of months and still have a lot left. I think if you do decide that you want to invest in a blush that will last a long time and be good quality, this would be the one to go for.

Thanks for reading, see you in March!

Missguided - Purchase Review.

Recently I went on Missguided and decided to treat myself to an outfit for when me and the squad go on a cute outing; for a meal or to the theatre, etc. I made some MEGA savings with this purchase so decided to make a blog post about it! Here's a review of the two items I bought. Hope you enjoy! All photo's in the post are from the missguided website linked above.

The Products:

This dress was actually chosen for me by one of my friends at Uni. I wanted an outfit to go with the shoes below and he found this super cute midi dress! It's described as being a dusty pink colour on the website, which I would say is very accurate. I also posted the measurements from the website below and put my own measurements (from January 2016) in brackets so it's easier for you guys to see if it's true to size. I have to say when I tried this dress on, I found that it rides up a little, mainly because of the width of the hips. The length of the dress is really nice, but it comes up a little higher on myself than it does on the picture to the left. The material is really thick and it feels like good quality. Definitely worth the money on sale, but I don't think I would have spent £28 on this item.

BUST 81cm (85cm)
WAIST 63cm (64cm)
HIPS 88.5cm (85cm)

ON SALE: £14

I first saw these shoes on a Youtuber's page. Her name is Jadah Doll and her whole style is very adorable and pink, so naturally I'm absolutely in love with her videos! The minute I saw theses shoes on her December Favourites I knew I had to have them in my life, so eventually (after three weeks and much persuasion from friends!!!) I plucked up the courage to spend some dollar and ended up getting them in a Size 5. When they arrived, they were packaged really nicely and the pair I got do look exactly the same as the picture on the left - these two pictures were both taken from the Missguided website. These shoes are perfect to wear out because they're so comfortable and they can be dressed up or down, depending on where you're planning to go. The actual heel isn't too tall either so they're not too difficult to walk in, unless you're walking along the cobbled streets in London where no heeled shoe is a good idea. I would definitely not recommend wearing them in the rain, just because of the material it's made from. Overall, they've become my favourite shoes recently and for £20 I think they're a bargain considering how often I wear them.

ON SALE: £20

Postage, packing and discount:

I had a lot of delivery problems with this order, which had nothing to do with Missguided as far as I could tell. The courier had either misplaced the parcel or had just not delivered it. I heard from the desk staff at my accommodation that the courier company itself were low on staff that week. Missguided were quick and efficient to reply to my complaint and refunded my 2-3 day postage immediately.

With these two items, I got a really good student discount from Unidays and ended up saved £8.50 from that and then I had my £4.50 postage refunded to me. In the end I only spent £25.50!!! Until, the parcel still didn't arrived... two weeks later. The woman from Missguided who ended up sorting my claim out gave me a £10 goodwill refund and my parcel arrived two days after, so overall it only cost me £15.50! Massive thank you to Missguided for sorting out the couriers mistake. I would definitely shop from this online store again.

SAVINGS: £52.00

Thanks for reading,

Science Museum, Camden & Saturday Night Takeaway.

This Saturday we (myself, Fiona and Michaela) went out to explore London once again! We decided to go to the Science Museum and Camden. We also received free tickets to go and watch Ant Vs Dec at the ITV Studios for the Live recording of Saturday Night Takeaway. We left our apartment at 11am and got back by 10:30pm and the day overall cost me about £13 for food and travel without a student oyster card. I wore my Harry Potter shirt and black jeans from Primark, along with my new Parka coat from Select, which kept me warm all day!

Science Museum.

We spent the beginning of our day at the Science Museum, which was extremely interesting and fun! They have sections on space, materials, technology, transport, etc. To get in to the Museum you have to give a small donation and if you want to go into the IMAX Theatre you have to pay extra or book in advance. We didn't have time to go into the Natural History Museum - which is next door to the Science Museum - because we spent so much time looking at all the features in the Science Museum, but we plan to go back on another day. The Science Museum had loads of cool interactive features and a cute gift shop at the end. There also seemed to be restaurants on every floor, but we didn't go in due to wanting to eat Chinese food in Camden. The photo on the left is of the Natural History Museum, which was packed outside on the day we wanted to visit with queues all the way down the street.

Camden Town.

Originally when we began walking around Camden, I didn't register at first that I'd actually already been there before. In my last year of High School I went on a trip to London and one of the sight-seeing opportunities was to the Markets by the bridge. I don't remember seeing Cyberdog or any of the cool shops (below in the pictures) but I remember the food market, which was where we decided to eat. Afterwards we looked around all the unique vintage shops. Sadly, I didn't end up buying anything except for a star lampshade for my room. We're all thinking about going back next week, so I'll be able to get a large tapestry for my wall from the indoor market and maybe a few items of clothing too!

Saturday Night Takeaway.

And finally to end the day we went to ITV Studios to watch Ant vs Dec. The actual set and game itself was amazing and so fun to watch but it only lasted 90 seconds and we'd waited in the cold for two and a half hours. I wouldn't recommend going to any free events if they say on the ticket that the show will be less than two hours. We ended up taking a lovely walk back to the tube station afterwards. We walked past Big Ben and the London Eye and finally got back home to watch Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7. Overall it was a truly wonderful day, spent with wonderful people. Thanks for reading!

A short clip from Saturday Night Takeaway. Thanks for reading, Alexandria.