April Favourites.

Another crazy month has gone by! I've been to see quite a few shows, including three performed at my University, all incredible: Bad Girls, Punk Rock and Assassins. On the West End this month, we've been to see Show Boat, Guys & Dolls and Wonder.land. I also took a surprise trip home for my sister's 17th birthday, who had been convinced that this year would be her first birthday without me there. I really couldn't miss it so turned up at the front door with flowers, hiding behind them to make it more of a surprise. The look on her face has made my month one of the best ever. I'm so happy that she had such a good birthday and that I didn't have to miss it. Even though I could only to stay at home for less than 24 hours (due to having a voice assessment at University the day after) it was worth it a million times over. I think I've done fairly well in all the exams I've completed this month so I'm waiting nervously for the results now, fingers crossed!!! I've been trying to post more this month, so I hope you all enjoy my monthly favourites and have a happy May! Images throughout this post were found on Google Images or taken by myself. Much love.

Hair Care.

I've noticed a massive difference in the length of my hair recently and all I've changed is my hair oil. Argan Oil is this months favourite for hair care! I got it on a whim, super cheap from the pound store but I've been meaning to try argan oil for the longest time. I definitely use way too much as it makes my hair a bit greasy if it's not washed out properly but when I do finally get it all out, my hair's so much shinier, softer and it really does look longer. I have layers in the front that were directly under my chin but are now shoulder length. The easiest way to get the best use out of this product is to use a small amount and put it in your hair before bed as a leave-in conditioner. You leave it overnight and wash it out in the morning. I don't blow-dry my hair anymore, I let it dry naturally to avoid heat damage and have found the fastest "heat resistant" way of drying of hair is to wrap it in an old t-shirt like you would normally with a towel. I got this tip from my friend, Brandon at University. He mentioned to me that the fibres in the towel are much denser so it draws too much moister from your hair. It sounds strange but trust me! My hair feels so much nicer after wrapping it up with a shirt rather than a towel. If I use a towel I literally use it for five minutes and take it off. I've noticed fewer and fewer split ends this month, which makes me really happy! Long natural hair, here I come! My hairstyle of the month is "The Coachella Princess Leia Buns." pictured on the right.

Book of the Month.

I've recently just finished an essay on Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides and how they all used the theme of love differently throughout their work and I ended up reading all of their surviving plays to get a broader understanding of the topic. I ended up really enjoying all of them. If you have a student account you can find a good majority of the plays on dramaonline which is a great resource for actors/playwrights, ect. The stories are centered around Greek mythology. There's themes from love to revenge and loads of murder throughout. I think they're great plays that represent a time period where a lot of work was lost. Sophocles in particular only had seven plays survive. He wrote many more along with Aeschylus and Euripides, so it's amazing that we get to read the ones that were found. My personal favourites were Medea, Electra and the Suppliants. I've got a book review planned for next month on Carrie which will also have reviews on the three movie/musical adaptations too, so look out for that if you enjoy horror/thriller things.

Song of the Month.

After seeing Guys & Dolls, I couldn't get Adelaide's Lament out of my head! The production was truly spectacular - if you're interested in reading more about the show my friend Fiona and I collaborated HERE. I watched many versions on YouTube and as usual fell in love with the Barbra Streisand version which appears on her 'The Broadway Album'. The song works wonderfully with her accent and funny nature. This piece is meant to be comedic but there weren't many versions online that got me laughing. Barbra is a rare talent to me. Every part she's played I've loved (from Funny Girl to Yentl, to Hello Dolly and so on) and I would have loved to see her play this part too. I own quite a few of her albums on vinyl but I don't have this one yet so I'm going to have a search online and see if I can find it. If anyone knows where I can get a copy please let me know in the comments below. I'm also searching for any of Cher's albums on vinyl, I literally can't find them anywhere.

Musical of the Month.

Myself and Fiona went to see Show Boat this month and it was truly INCREDIBLE. It's the best musical I've seen so far on the West End. The performers were so engaging and they really REALLY involved the whole audience in everything that was going on from start to finish, to the point where I actually got a little emotional at the end. I was excited in the interval for it to start again and there wasn't a single moment I found myself drifting off. They made such brilliant choices with the thrust stage and even though we were on the side we could see everything! I couldn't fault this show in the slightest and it's one that I'd want to watch again and again because of how wonderfully it was done.


My make-up product of the month is going to the Pressed Powder by Makeup Revolution. I bought it in the shade TRANSLUCENT and was actually surprised when I first tried it out because of how well it worked for a drug-store brand. I've used 'translucent' powders in the past and they've always turned my foundation a weird orange colour (I think that has something to do with the fact that they were loose powders and not pressed) but this one doesn't do that at all! It sets everything in place - I use a puff - and normally nothing budges. I still get a bit of wear throughout the day around my nose and on my chin but I just fix it with a bit more of the powder. I have really oily skin so I apply quite a bit of the powder over the top of my foundation and it lasts quite a long time depending on the heat that day. It also has a small mirror on the back of the packaging which is really useful for on the go. As I said before, I use a generous amount of this product and don't need to repurchase it often.

This month I actually have two make-up favourites, simply because I really needed a new eye-liner... after I lost my old one... and my friend picked this one out at random. I loved it so much the minute I applied it to my face. It's the Voluminous Felt Eye-liner by MUA LUXE. This product has a very thick tip. I prefer the thicker pens to the thinner ones, purely because I'm less likely to make a mistake if I only swipe it across my lid once. With the thinner pens if you want a medium or thick line you need to go over it a few times and that's when I'm prone to messing everything up. I draw a line from my inner corner to the end of my lid and a line for the wing if I choose to draw one that day and I'm done. It's extremely quick and easy and the colour is super black! I actually used it in the picture above in the 'Hair Care' part of this post. I can also get a thin look out of this pen too, so if you're not into thick eye-liner you can use it to get a thin line also. I like that I can use it for whatever look I want and that it's really easy to achieve.

Skin Care.

I used to use Breath of Fresh Air from LUSH about a year ago and really don't know why I stopped getting it. Recently I repurchased it and fell in love once more. This toner clears up my skin so quickly and if I have a spot coming it dries it up and gets rid of it overnight! It's super refreshing also. I wish the pump on the bottle wasn't as strong however because it doesn't spray out lightly, it can be a bit sharp when you first start using it, opposed to the Tea Tree Spray which comes out really lightly. The actual formula, on the other hand, is great and works wonders. Along with the toner, I've also really been loving the Seaweed range from the Body Shop this month. I get really bad blackheads around my nose and chin and I've tried so many things to get rid of them, even peel away face masks don't work, but this face scrub is incredible! The Seaweed Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator gets rid of my blackheads almost instantly and it doesn't leave my skin feeling clammy. It makes my skin feel much tighter. It works better if you open the pores with warm water, but you need to make sure you close them up again with cold water or ice afterwards - personally, ice works better for me. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone with oily or combination skin.


Game of Thrones is finally back and I'm so excited because the first episode of the new season was amazing! I know some people didn't really like how they went over a lot of things from the past season but I found it really useful because I'd literally forgotten a lot of what had happened. I have to say, the ending really caught me off guard but I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen it yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Sansa's and Daenerys' story lines are going to develop. I'm currently reading the second book, so hopefully I'll be caught up soon! I definitely recommend reading the books alongside the series simply because they're more detailed. The books are thick with information that they leave out from the televised version. I also think you get a better understanding of the characters in the books. Fiona won tickets this week to go and watch Thronecast, which she lovingly invited me to and I'm so excited! There will probably be a post on it next month!

I have two TV favourites this month rather than a movie, just because I haven't really watched any new movies this month that I've absolutely loved. I have, however, been re-watching a TV series that was made in the 1960's called I Dream of Jeannie. I used to watch it before I left home for University; along with 3rd Rock from the Sun (one of my favourite series of all time) The Addams Family and Bewitched and recently decided to watch them all again because they're just so funny! I think they're timeless classics. The storyline for I Dream of Jeannie is absolutely adorable. Jeannie, a 2000 year old genie is freed from her lamp when an Astronaut is trapped on a desert island. He set her free and becomes her master, who she instantly falls in love with. The dynamic is hilarious and I really recommend anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it!

Thanks so much for reading,

CollectIf Haul.

I took a trip to the Camden Collectif store this month and got some real bargains in the sale! I adore vintage and mod clothing especially pieces from this shop! Everything is so cute and stylish! The photo to the right is a close up of the hair and make-up I did to match the outfit I got which I wore to the theatre. You can wear some of the items I got throughout the day also, they're not just night-out clothes. So here's the haul, hope you enjoy...

The first item I got was this super cute black and white check top. I feel like you can wear it with a pair of high waisted jeans and get away with it in the day as something casual but cute also. I then got the skirt to match and it makes the most perfect outfit for the theatre or for a meal out. I didn't intend to buy the coat originally but I literally couldn't leave it behind! The whole ensemble reminds me of something Barbara Novak would wear in one of my favourite movies, Down With Love. The coat is so warm and I know winter's coming to an end, but the weather in Britain is so unpredictable, 99.9% of the time it's freezing cold! So I used that as an excuse to splurge on a new vintage coat. I also couldn't resist because of how much it had been reduced by!!! I ended up saving £128.75 from these items being in the sale. I have to also say as a side note that all the staff at the Camden Collectif shop are not only gorgeous in appearance but also in personality. The people who served me and my friend that day were so friendly and helpful! Thanks so much for reading this little review...

'B & B May Check Wrap Top'
SALE: £6.

'B & B Mariella Checked Coat'
SALE: £23.

SALE: £6.25.

Love Alexandria.

Movie Review: The Boy (2016)

Photo from: welltorrent.com.

Hey everyone! I've updated my blog theme to something a bit sleeker, more organised and I'm really in love with it so I hope you all like it as much as I do. Please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think, if it's easier to navigate etc. I've had a look at the votes that were cast in the poll in my sidebar (if you haven't voted yet, please do! Just scroll down to find it - this only works on a computer) and you guys wanted more reviews, so without further adieu here's a movie review on "The Boy."

This movie is about two parents, who hire a young American known as Greta (played by: Lauren Cohan) to look after their son. However, the son is not what Greta expected to find at her babysitting job... he's a doll! The parents give her strict instructions to follow and suggest that bad things happen if one is missed. This film has a great plot twist at the end and was really engaging throughout. The story is super original which I didn't think it would be when I originally saw the trailer. I think it's more of a thriller than a horror, rated at a PG-13 it wasn't scary to me. I would recommend this film but personally prefer scary movies with a bit more blood and gore. If you're not into scary movies or are just getting into watching them this is a good one to test the waters with... unless you're scared of dolls, in which case you'll be terrified. I like the casting and visual effects. I would love a sequel to this film because I think it could go in so many ways. It's been rated 6/10 stars on IMDB which I would say is about right and is an hour 30 minutes, so not too long a film. My next movie review will be on the three "Carrie" movies and it will include a review of the book too!

Thanks for reading,

Camden and Guys & Dolls.

This post is in collaboration with Fiona from @londonforastudent. Please go and check out her blog! The photograph above is from show-and-stay.co.uk.

Yesterday myself and Fiona @londonforastudent decided to go on an adventure! We really wanted to see a West End show but couldn't decided which one to see so we took our money and theatre tokens to the discounted tickets store in the Leicester Square tube station and just asked if they had any cheap tickets going. We ended up paying £22.50 for some incredible seats in the dress circle to see Guys and Dolls. Our seats were J14 and 15. We went at 10am to get the tickets since you're more likely to get better seats if you go earlier and then we made our way to Starbucks for breakfast before heading to Camden for the day. We got on the tube from Leicester Square to Camden and there was A HUGE PARROT held by a cool guy called Luigi! He shook my hand and put the parrot on my arm. It then proceeded to bite the rails and hang from Luigi's jean pocket.

[@londonforastudent: Yesterday me and Alex went on a London adventure! I wanted to spend my birthday money and the best way to do this was to see a show, however, neither of us knew what we wanted to watch! We decided to go to a ticket booth in Leicester Square tube station. The guy was super lovely and gave us an AMAZING deal on Guys and Dolls! I was so excited to see it as its a show I have never seen before!]

We made it to Camden and pretty much went straight to the market but ended up making a wrong turn and found the jewellery quarter that we'd never been to before. There were loads of handmade necklaces and unique rings, bracelets, you name it. We were extremely tempted to buy something but we resisted the urge! Fiona decided to spend some of her birthday money on a really cute feather for her hair. Every time we go to Camden we seem to find somewhere new that we've never been. When we finally managed to find a part of the market that we knew fairly well, we went clothes shopping.

[@londonforastudent: When we arrived in Camden we went straight to the market but decided to go a different way to what we had last time. I found a little record shop where I bought Beatlemania on vinyl. We then carried on through the market where we found lots of stalls selling the most beautiful and unique jewelry! We took a wrong turn and ended finding a cute little bookshop where I bought myself the prettiest version of the Wizard of Oz which has always been one of my favourite stories! After this we explored more of the market and I even got myself a feather hair extension!]

Myself and Fiona are both really in love with Vintage clothing so we like going into similar shops. We had a look in some of the alternative clothing stores and I saw the cutest red leather top that looked like something from a Britney Spears music video! I'll definitely have to save to buy that though. Some things in Camden are really cheap and others are quite expensive. It depends what you're looking for really but be prepared to become poor by the end of your visit. There was a sale on in 'Collectif' so I got a couple of things. Look out for the Haul coming soon!!! After having Chinese, we left Camden and sat in the theatre cafe for a few hours before making our way to Guys & Dolls!!!

[@londonforastudent: As Alex said, we are in love with vintage clothing and Camden is the perfect place to find some unique vintage pieces. You can find some really good deals too! We found the "Collectif" shop and just had to have a look. I fell in love with some vintage clothing that had a mermaid twist and will be saving up to buy them! I got a cute mod style dress you can see in my birthday/Camden haul! Can't wait to match you Alex!]

Guys and Dolls was one of the cutest shows ever! The four main characters were all incredible and had such stage presence. The dances were extremely clean and they were really complicated in parts like "Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat" for example which got three rounds of applause that went on for ages!!! I really loved the use of the theatre with the trapdoor and the scenery. It was so fun to watch. I have to say Samantha Spiro, who played Miss Adelaide was my favourite character. Guys and Dolls is one of my most loved musicals so I'm extremely happy we got to see it on the West End.

[@londonforastudent: The day was finished with a bang! I have officially fallen in love with the musical Guys and Dolls. The scene changes were effortless, the dancing was perfect and the vocals blew me away! The principle characters had me laughing along from start to finish! Overall the show was AMAZING! Thank you Alex for brilliant day out and for introducing me to another musical I can love and aspire to be in!]

We really had an incredible spontaneous day out. Fiona will be doing a post all about our visit to Camden and her birthday so please go and check out her blog!

Thanks for reading,
Fiona and Alexandria.

Top 100 Song List.

These are in no particular order.
Hey everyone, so I've decided to post 100 songs that make me happy! Some of them are from musicals and others are from the charts, there's a good mix in there I think. The musicals are highlighted in bold. I've turned it into a playlist on spotify for those who prefer to listen rather than read, hope you enjoy...

It's My Party - Lesley Gore.
Dark Lady - Cher. 
Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Telo.
Candy Story - from Heathers, the Musical.
Air Guitar - McBusted.
You Really Got Me - The Kinks.
You Don't Own Me - Lesley Gore.
He's A Tramp - Peggy Lee.
Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush. 
So Close - John McLaughlin.
Lucky - Britney Spears.
Earth Song - Michael Jackson.
1963 - from Stephen Ward, the Musical.
We're in the Money - Ginger Rogers.
Always True to You - Kiss Me Kate.
This Will Be - Natalie Cole.
Straight for the Knife - Sia.
Freddy My Love - from Grease Live.
30 Minute Love Affair - Paloma Faith.
Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John.
Piano - Ariana Grande.
Sherry - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. 
Easy Street - Disney's, Annie.
Beautiful Bizar - Ruiz.
A Song To Come Home To - Jinkx Monsoon.
Wake Up - Hilary Duff.
Leave Get Out - Jojo.
Boats & Birds - Gregory and the Hawk.
She's Always A Woman - Billy Joel.
Beauty of the Dark - Mads Langer.
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes.
Left Outside Alone - Anastasia.
Torn - Natalie Umbruglia.
She's Like The Wind - Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing.
Uptown Girl - Billy Joel.
Wherever You Will Go - The Calling.
Life After You - Daughtry.
Be My Baby - The Ronettes. 
Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift.
Young & Beautiful - Lana Del Rey.
You're My Best Friend - Queen.
La Isla Bonita - Madonna.
Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - The Carpenters.
Daydream Believer - The Monkees.
Obsessions - Marina and the Diamonds.
First Time - Robin Beck.
Hold On - Wilson Phillips.
Let Me Be Your Wings - Barry Manilow.
I Wish I May - The Witches of Eastwick.
Can't Fight The Moonlight - LeAnn Rimes.
Girl for all Seasons - Grease 2.
La Tortura - Shakira.
Budapest - George Ezra.
Believe - Cher.
Murder on the Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
She's So Lovely - Scouting for Girls.
Under Your Spell - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical.
Songbird - Fleetwood Mac.
Judas - Lady Gaga.
Cheap Thrills - Sia.
Lights - Ellie Goulding.
Whole Again - Atomic Kitten.
Can't Speak French - Girls Aloud.
Sweet Dreams My LA Ex - Rachel Stevens.
History of Wrong Guys - Kinky Boots, UK.
Viva Forever - Spice Girls.
Dream On - Aerosmith.
Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande.
Love Yourself - Justin Bieber.
What a Feeling - Flashdance.
Cold Hearted (Snake) - Eclipse.
Demons - Imagine Dragons.
Brave - Idina Menzel.
It's The Way You Make Me Feel - Steps.
Bring It All Back - S Club 7.
I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton.
Hello Seattle - Owl City.
You're Still The One - Shania Twain.
Us - Regina Spektor.
Marry the Night - Lady Gaga.
Material Girl - Madonna.
1973 - James Blunt.
We Built This City - Starship.
Cloud Number Nine - Bryan Adams.
Beautiful World - Carolina Liar.
I Am Not A Robot - Marina and the Diamonds.
You Make My Dreams - Daryl Hall & John Oates.
You Haven't Seen The Last of Me - Cher.
Just Leave Everything To Me - Hello Dolly, Barbra Streisand.
Unpretty - TLC.
Chim Chim Cher-Ee - Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.
Crazy - Britney Spears.
Ouch - N-Dubz.
Heaven - DJ Sammy.
Fair Game - Sia.
Black Magic - Little Mix.
Partition - Beyonce.
Credit - Meghan Trainor.
Stairway to Heaven - Far Corporation.
Theme from Laverne & Shirley - Katie Campbell.
BONUS TRACK: Angels on the Moon - Thriving Ivory. [not on spotify]

West End Shows - Part I.

I saw my first West End show in high school on a trip to the Capitol and now thanks to being accepted into a London University I'm able to see shows as often as I'm able and it's truly incredible. I've decided to make more posts about theatre since it's what I'm studying and that begins with this one! I've limited this post to five musicals so I'll be able to write more of them in the future! I'm trying to make my posts shorter but more frequent now so without further adieu, here is Part 1 of my West End Experiences.

We Will Rock You was my introduction to the West End. I saw this show in high school and I wish it would return to London because it's truly amazing. The plot is creative and the performers that I saw literally killed all the Queen songs and gave a wonderful  tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen. When you go to the Dominion Theatre now, it's almost like it's missing a piece without the big statue of Freddie on the front. I'm extremely grateful that I got to see this show when I did.

Woman In Black was the first show I saw when I moved to London last September and it really was an excellent choice. I'm a massive fan of anything scary or horror related and this was just as thrilling as I thought it was going to be. Thankfully I had a friend with me who'd seen it before so when the scary parts were about to happen I knew from the way she hid behind her hands. The use of smoke and lighting is very effective and the way they used the space in the theatre made it feel like you were part of an experience rather than just watching a show. The actors came into the audience and really used the space they were in. This show is really accurate to the book/play and the actors really committed to everything. The actual theatre is also really intimate. It was such a cool show! I advise if you see this to try and get tickets for the aisle seats on the right hand side of the stalls.

Wicked was one I actually felt a bit disappointed in because I'd heard Idina Menzel sing a few of the songs live a few months before and I think there may have been some microphone problems on our day. I must say that you pay for what you get with this show. We spent £18 on a ticket and we were in the stalls, so for the price it was incredible! But I really would recommend splashing the cash on this one for a better experience. The theatre is gorgeous and everything is so with the theme. I'm a massive fan of Wicked so I will definitely go back again on a special occasion and pay for a better seat. The performers were fabulous on the night despite the microphone problems.

I can't put into words how INCREDIBLE Kinky Boots is. If you're visiting London and can only see one show, pick this one!!! It won an Olivier Award for the Best New Musical, Costume Designer (Gregg Barnes) and Actor, which went to Matt Henry. For a full list of the winners check THIS link. Kinky Boots is well deserving of all the awards it received. The costumes, songs, lighting, everything is perfect and it's such a feel-good show. My friends and I were dancing all the way through and we had smiles plastered on our faces at the comedic elements of Lauren, played by Amy Lennox and tears in our eyes from the heartfelt performances of Charlie and Lola, played by Killian Donnelly and Matt Henry. The actors are truly phenomenal. In my opinion, this is the best show on the West End at the moment.

Miss Saigon has now left the Prince Edward Theatre and I still can't believe I got the opportunity to watch it! My dad and I went for my birthday and it was stunningly beautiful. I played the role of Kim in an amateur production when I was younger and it was the first time my dad saw me play such a big part, so we have such an emotional connection to the show. We loved it for it's gorgeous set, beautiful dancers, superb acting and emotional storyline. We'll definitely miss Miss Saigon. 

Thanks for reading,

Star Signs and Astrology ⚖

Photo from the Telegraph: "Financial Astrology: Can the stars affect stocks?"

Yes, I'm one of those people... the kind that likes to read about their Star Sign and I always get asked why, which is a fair enough question because the idea is very confusing and a bit bizarre really. I don't believe in things like 'Daily Horoscopes' but I do believe that reading up on your own Star Sign characteristics and others is really useful, especially if you're into drama and creating a character!

My actual star sign is Libra and my rising sign is a Scorpio. Libra is often known as 'The Scales' meaning that while I'm energetic I'm also really laid-back. "The Scales, though mostly energetic, can sometimes be lazy and may tend to take things easy. It is not physical laziness, but they wish to avoid any kind of stress or emotional challenges." - ganeshaspeaks.com Rising Star Signs: In addition to knowing your star sign finding out your rising star sign can also tell you a lot about yourself. This website, sofeminine has a calculator that can tell you your exact sign. You need to make sure you know the time of your birth because it does change depending on the time you were born! Mine is the following: 

Your date of birth: 1 October 1995 at 11:59.
Your star sign: Libra.
Your rising star sign: Scorpio.
Planet that governs your rising star: Pluto.

About the Scorpio Rising sign:  "There's no middle ground with you. You can't stand half-hearted efforts because you're passionate by nature. Your love for extremes can frighten off people around you. You can sometimes be a bit harsh on those you consider to be weak. Nevertheless, people can trust you because you hate lies and hypocrisy. When there's something on your mind, it's impossible for you to let it go. You're very stubborn." About Pluto: "It's the planet of regeneration and it's an explosive planet. Pluto encourages all sorts of excesses but it also gives you a lot of strength and makes you extremely spirited. Even when down, you always end up back on your feet again. Like a phoenix, you can rise from the ashes... You're not afraid of conflict when it's necessary, unlike the majority of people."

I don't allow star signs to control my life and I don't encourage people to listen to everything they read on the internet, but it's always fun to look at things like this as it can be very revealing when you think about what applies to you and what doesn't. Horoscopes especially will rarely be correct, so just have fun with them!

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Potato Recipes!

Hello everyone,
My aim this month is to post more than I have been, so today I'm starting out with some fairly healthy recipes made with one of my favourite foods! Sweet Potato!!!! These recipes make the perfect snack for in between meals and they're super quick and easy. You only need three-four ingredients too, so it's super affordable.

Image from: seriouseats.com

  • A sack of sweet potatoes,
  • Salt and pepper,
  • Olive oil,
  • Butter.
To make these all you have to do it peel the skin from the sweet potatoes and pop those skins on a baking tray with some Olive Oil, season with salt and pepper. Cook until golden brown.

Take your peeled potatoes and put them into a pan of boiled water. Boil them on the hob, until the potatoes are soft and squishy. Pour the water away once they're squishy and mash the soft potatoes, adding lots of butter with some salt and pepper.

Leave the skins on the sweet potato. Cut each potato in half and then cut into strips, make them as thick or as thin as you like. Sprinkle lightly with oil, then pop in the oven until they look crisps. Cover with salt and pepper and any additional seasoning.

Thanks for reading,