Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Coors Ice Cave Rave Birmingham.

Birmingham "Corrs" Ice Cave Rave, Catch-up with a Friend... 
Today my friend (Jess) kindly asked me out for a catch-up since I've returned home to Birmingham "Coors Ice Cave Rave!" The photo right at the top of this post was taken from the Birmingham Mail website, where if you click the link you can read their article about this amazing event. If you want to book tickets you can do so on CoorsLight. The promotional event is being held outside the Birmingham Library in Centenary Square from the 20th - 29th of May. It's completely free to attend, you just have to buy your own drinks (if you want them) which are priced between £2.00 - £6.50. Normally the idea of a cocktail made of beer would turn my stomach but it was actually amazingly good! We spent 30 minutes in the ice cave in total which was super cool in every sense of the word. Definitely, give it a try before it leaves!
for the Summer. She came up with the coolest idea, rather than just a simple drink or a meal out, we went to the

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Love Alexandria.


TITLE: "Love Me Tender."
ARTIST: Elvis Presley.
YEAR: 1956.
COMPOSER: George R. Poulton and Ken Darby.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Jamie Oliver's Diner & In The Heights.

Friday was my last day as a first year at University (which has gone by extremely quickly!) so myself, Michaela, Emily and Fiona decided to go out for an end of year meal. We chose to go to "Jamie Oliver's Diner" in Piccadilly Circus. They mainly sell Burgers and Hot Dogs which are delicious. This was my second time going and it's quickly becoming one of my favourite London restaurants. I wish they would sell their sweet potato fries in the takeaway service downstairs though!

After our incredible meal, Fiona and I took a spontaneous trip to the ticket counter in the Leicester Square tube station and bought two tickets to watch "In The Heights". I didn't really know what to expect from this show - not being a massive fan of rap music - I was dubious. I can understand why the modern audience would adore this show and I did enjoy it but my personal taste still pushes me more toward the vintage musicals. The show reminded me of RENT in some ways and the talent in the cast is UNREAL! It was so nice hearing such belty pieces sang with extreme openness, so free in sound. The female numbers were really catchy and the actors portrayed them very well. I love the staging a lot and the setting used. I would definitely recommend this musical to teenagers and anyone who's a fan of modern rap-pop music.

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TITLE: "Enough."
ARTIST: In the Heights.
YEAR: 1999.
COMPOSER: Lin-Manuel Miranda.
GENRE: Pop/Musical/Rap.