Coors Ice Cave Rave Birmingham.

Today my friend Jess kindly asked me out for a catchup since I've returned home to Birmingham for the Summer. She came up with the coolest idea, rather than just a simple drink or a meal out we went to the "Coors Ice Cave Rave!" The photo right at the top of this post was taken from the Birmingham Mail website, where if you click the link you can read their article about this amazing event. If you want to book tickets you can do so on CoorsLight. The promotional event is being held outside the Birmingham Library in Centenary Square from the 20th - 29th of May. It's completely free to attend, you just have to buy your own drinks (if you want them) which are priced between £2.00 - £6.50. Normally the idea of a cocktail made of beer would turn my stomach but it was actually really nice and very fruity. We spent 30 minutes in the ice cave all together which was super cool in every sense of the word. Definitely give it a try before it leaves!

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