July Favourites.

[Disclaimer: Images throughout were found on Google Images, I don't own any of them.] It's been a great month! I went Go-Karting and Laser Tag for the first time with a few incredible people from work. I managed to book my first appointment for the Orthodontist (next week) to consider getting Invisalign. Fiona came to visit me from Wigan and we finally sorted out our accommodation for University in September. It was also Michaela's birthday on the 24th and my brothers on the 25th. I've managed to post more on this blog in the month of July than ever before! The hot weather has been perfect for relaxing in the garden and I really hope it carries on that way through August. I still find it absolutely mad that we're almost at the end of 2016! But for this month, here's my favourites! Let me know in the comments below what you've been loving this month :) 

Television Favourites.

"Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza." is about a group of people who go on a coach trip and complete activities together. At the end of each day they vote for a couple to leave. There's usually a lot of arguing when it comes to the vote and tension when new people join. I love the original Coach Trip but this series is definitely aimed at a younger audience. Each episode is half an hour long which I personally think is too short, but a must watch!

"Celebrity Big Brother" is back on television! I'm super excited for the line up this year because for the first time I feel I actually know a good few of the contestants. Normally I know one or two and the rest are a complete mystery to me, but this year looks extremely promising. They've already begun with the lying and game-playing. I'm most looking forward to seeing more of Frankie Grande and there's already a couple of contestants who have started to cause trouble. I can't wait to see how things unfold!

Musical of the Month.

I had a meeting with one of my past tutors this month to talk about doing a possible workshop at my College and he mentioned this musical to me as a suggestion for my repertoire and I'm absolutely IN LOVE with it. I watched the movie and the Broadway cast on YouTube and also listened to the whole soundtrack and learned all the songs. It's such a funny feel good musical! "Xanadu" is about a Greek Muse who goes to earth to inspire Sonny (a mortal) into completing his dreams of creating a roller-disco which they later name "Xanadu." She gives herself the fake name of Kira and puts on a bad Australian accent to disguise the fact that she's actually a Muse but ends up falling in love with Sonny. In the movie, Olivia Newton John plays the part amazingly and the Broadway version makes fun of the cult film slightly but in such an endearing way. This show was on at the Southwark Playhouse in London a few years ago and I'm absolutely gutted that I missed it! I definitely think this is one of my favourite musicals of all time. The whole thing is on roller-skates too which makes me even more excited because it's an activity I really enjoy doing outside of theatre.

Movie of the Month.

"40 Year Old Virgin" is my favourite for this month in movies because it's absolutely hilarious. All the characters are so funny and it's one of those really quotable films. The film is about a 40 year old virgin, Andy who plays a game with some new friends at work who find out about his situation and become determined to get him laid. It also starred Elizabeth Banks, one of my favourite actresses and Steve Carell who always has me in stitches. It's such an awkwardly perfect movie!

Make-Up Product of the Month.

Jeffree Star's "Skin Frost" in Ice Cold had to be my favourite make-up product for this month. I haven't gone a day without putting it on since I received it in the mail. It's such a gorgeous highlighter and works wonderfully with my super pale skin. I find that it stays on for quite a long time and it's super pigmented and versatile. I use it as an eye-shadow for my brow bone and inner corner on most days and on top of my cupids bow. The pan size is absolutely MASSIVE so I know I won't be running out for quite a long time but when I do I'll definitely be repurchasing. The main problem is because I'm from the UK the shipping is quite expensive, unless I spend over a certain amount on Beautylish. When we purchased from America last time we received a charge from the Royal Mail and it ended up costing a fortune, so I'm very wary now. This product however really is incredible!

Album of the Month.

I've not really been listening to much music this month, not having much time with work and trying to read as many books as possible before I go back to University. We put on some Spotify playlists, however, when it started getting really sunny outside and my dad chose one full of "ELO" songs, so my favourite album of the month has to go to them. Jeff Lynne also wrote and produced "Xanadu" so it feels extremely appropriate for the Electric Light Orchestra to be the favourite of the month since I've been loving that musical so much. I also love that ELO are from Birmingham which is where I grew up.

Sadly for this month I don't have a favourite book or a favourite product for skin and hair care! Fingers crossed for August, I'll keep my eyes open for good products in these areas.

Monthly Quotes:
"You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West.
"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln.
"Choose people who lift you up." Michelle Obama.

Thanks so much for reading,
Love Alexandria.

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Concealer.

This post is my first negative review on this blog but I made a promise to myself to always write honest reviews on products I buy and this one really fell short for me, especially after the hype that surrounded it. I recently purchased the "Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer" in the lightest shade. I applied it on my under-eyes and blemishes and it went extremely patchy! I applied a primer underneath and it just felt really dry and it accentuated my fine lines and pores. It also refused to blend out! I tried using a foundation blush, a dry beauty blender, a damp beauty blender, my fingers but NOTHING helped to blend this product seamlessly. I have oily-combination skin and I felt like my skin was just flaking off which is extremely unusual for me! If you're looking for an absolutely flawless concealer, I recommend "The Eraser Eye" which is actually also by Maybelline but it has a much smoother cream-like consistence and it blends like a dream. I bought the 24 Hour because of how perfect The Eraser Eye was, but I was really disappointed. An image of the 24 Hour Concealer is on the left and is from an amazing blog called brogantatexo.co.uk. This product may work wonders on other people but for me it really doesn't work. I may pass this product on to Olivia and see if she thinks differently as she has a different skin type to me.
Thanks for reading,

Lancôme Énergie de Vie Liquid Moisturiser.

Hello Friends!
Today I'm reviewing the "Lancôme Énergie de Vie Liquid Moisturiser." Firstly it's a lot thinner than most moisturisers on the market at the moment. I find thinner formula's spreads easier on my skin. I've also found that it helps get rid of dry patches but doesn't make my face feel too oily - as my skin type is 'combination.' It doesn't leave a greasy film on the top of the skin which is a massive bonus. It's has a cooling effect and applies smoothly. I really like this product and would repurchase it for definite. I bought this product from IMATS and for a high end moisturiser it's definitely worth the £42.  
Thanks for reading,

My Prickly Heat CURE!

Hey guys!

As it's been crazy hot in England recently I thought I'd write a post on skin care. For as long as I can remember my mom has suffered from Prickly Heat and about five years ago I began to notice it on myself too. For those who don't know, "Prickly Heat" is a skin condition that appears in tiny red spots all over the body, caused by being exposed to high temperatures. We went to Cyprus a few years ago and we finally found a cure!!! The Ultrasun Sports Translucent Sun Protection Gel (while it's expensive) has worked wonders for me and my mom! It's about £20-£25 for a 200ml bottle. The greatest thing about this product is that you only need to apply it ONCE a day. It's waterproof and sweat-proof so you can go swimming and not worry about getting burnt too. This product comes with an SPF of 20 or 30. We use the SPF 20. Even if you don't suffer from Prickly Heat this sunscreen is absolutely amazing. I noticed my Prickly Heat recently (on my knees and feet) after I used a normal sunscreen and quickly applied the Ultrasun on those areas and noticed it disappeared within the hour. I won't go on holiday without this sunscreen and I probably won't use a different one as the chemicals in normal sun-cream can actually make prickly heat worse. Another bonus is that you don't need to use much, so it last ages! (The image above is from: renegadetribune and the picture to the right is from pharmacy2u.co.uk) You can also buy a triple pack online here.

Thanks for reading,

Barry M Eye Define Eyeliner (Plum)

I recently purchased this product after I got the Green Metallic Liquid Liner in a bag from Clothes Show Live in Birmingham a few years ago. Because of my hazel eyes I decided to get the Eye-Define Liner in the shade "Plum" to bring out the greener pigment in the iris. The main thing I like about this product is the brush. I struggle to apply liner with really flimsy brushes. I find it much simpler if the brush is sturdy and solid rather than super bendy and thin, hence why I normally buy the felt-liners. Another thing I really like about this product is that it comes off easily, which is not something I usually like in make-up. Normally I want everything to stay on all day and not move but I absolutely HATE it when you get home and you try to take your make-up off with a wipe and your liner just won't budge. I try not to rub my eyes too much because I don't want to get wrinkles! This liner stays on all day but it comes off so easily with a wipe. I also LOVE the array of colours they have. They do a black, brown, plum, dark green, aqua blue and a glossy black opposed to a matte and then they have a selection in the metallics too. For the price of £4.79 I feel like it's an absolute bargain. This product is pigmented, stays on well, is easy to apply, affordable and super easy to find in most stores. I'm definitely getting one in every shade.
Thanks for reading,

"Ice Cold" Skin Frost Review.

ALEXANDRIA: I didn't actually mean to order two Skin Frosts originally but I was in such a rush to get the product during the restock that I didn't check my basket properly before paying and ended up getting two, so Olivia bought the other one from me. I'd like to start this review by saying that I'm absolutely in love with this product! It's SO pigmented: on the same level as the "Vivid Baked Highlighters by Makeup Revolution" except "Ice Cold" is more silver than gold and not chalky at all. For a glamorous look it's so perfect to layer on heavily! If you use a light hand you can get away with it as a day highlighter too which is what I love to do. You can use it as an eye-shadow as well, I personally love putting it in the inner-corner of my eye to really make them pop. As many of you probably know already the pan size is absolutely massive! If I don't break it I'm hoping that it's going to last me the whole year... if not a bit longer. I can't see myself using another highlighter again.

OLIVIA: First of all I want to say I love how bright and eye-catching this highlighter is. I always get asked what highlighter I'm wearing when I go out. It's perfect for pale skin, pink and yellow undertones which is rare to find in a product. However, it's very similar to the white shade in the Make-Up Revolution "Golden Sugar" Palette. The glitter is distributed better in Jeffree Star's Highlighter and gives a more natural glow (or you can really pack it on and you can see more of the glitter and how it blends out easily) and is very creamy and smooth. To define the eyes I like to use it in my inner corner and my brow bone to make them really stand out. On another note, I didn't really like the packaging when it was first advertised but now I LOVE it. It makes me think of the Barbie Franchise. As Alex said before, the pigment really is incredible.

Thanks for reading! 

120 Palette 5th Edition - BHCosmetics.

This is a review of the 120 Palette (5th Edition) by BHCosmetics. Firstly (for the price) I think this is an incredible palette. The shadows are quite chalky but less so when water is added. They're also incredibly pigmented, especially the brighter colours. I chose the fifth edition because it had a good mix of pinks, purples and neutral shades which is what I tend to wear on the daily and I have to say I really do love the colour selection still after using it quite a few times. There are some silvers and golds in there too which I like to put all over my lid when I go out on an evening. I'd definitely say you could use it for daytime and night time looks! This palette is really fragile, however, some of my corner shades got crushed and I don't remember when or how. I've had it for over a year now though so it's getting pretty old and may just be warn down. I don't know if I'd repurchase this palette, just because it's handy to have around and it's great when you're in a rush (as you're not searching around for the palette with the dark nude colours or the purples, they're all in one place) but I wish you could pop the colours out and put them in smaller palettes as that would be better for travelling. Overall it's a great palette for the price and useful if you like a lot of colourful shadows mixed with a selection of nudes. Thinking about it, if I ran out of this product I probably wouldn't repurchase it, purely because all the colours I tend to use nowadays are in the "Chocolate Bar Palette" by Too Faced which is in a much smaller metal case... and it smells like chocolate. 
Thanks for reading,

I'm Not Homeless!

Today I thankfully managed to secure my living arrangements for my second year at University. I'll once again be staying in student halls (and will be moving into a house in my third year) because it's cheaper and more efficient at the moment to just stay where I am. The crazy thing about London is that you can't really start looking for a place to live until you're ready to actually move in, which I think is absolutely mad! I'm just relieved that I now have somewhere to stay and can enjoy the rest of my summer knowing that everything is pretty much sorted for my second year. It's incredible how quickly the time went by and I'm sure the same will happen again from 2016-2017. This was just a quick life update post really. I'm trying to post as much as possible this month (whether it be reviews, updates, etc) as I'm trying to see if I can make updating a more regular thing on this blog. It will probably be harder when I'm back at University, but we shall see how it goes.
Thanks for reading,

Movies I'm Excited To Watch.

I've seen so many new movies being advertised on social media recently and I'm so excited to watch them in the Cinema's when they come out. I thought I'd do a quick post about the few movies that I really can't wait to see. I'll be doing reviews on each one when they finally come out (if people are interested in them) so you can decide if you want to pay to watch them in the Cinema's or borrow a copy of the DVD from a friend when it's out. As always pictures used throughout this blog post are from Google Images.

"Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children." Release Date: 30th September 2016 in the US - no release date has been given for the UK at the moment. Naturally, I can't wait to see this movie as I'm a massive fan of the books. It's directed by Tim Burton who's already made changed to the series: from character descriptions to time zones for example. I can't wait to watch this not only because I love the books but also out of curiosity. I want to know how much Tim Burton's changed. There's so many great characters and the story is fab, so I'm interested to see how it's portrayed on film. I've mentioned this movie in a few others posts so be on the look out for more on this series.

"Ghostbusters." Release Date: 15th July 2016 Firstly I think having a female Ghostbusters cast is such a fabulous idea and the actresses they've chosen to play the roles are perfection! All the clips and trailers I've seen have really made me laugh. This is the movie I'm most excited over. I can't wait to go and see it with my mom who's a fan of the original Ghostbusters too. Kristin Wiig is one of our favourite actresses and I think this role is perfect for her. I also really like the clips of Chris Hemsworth's character. Super SUPER buzzing to watch this one.

"Finding Dory." Release Date: June 18th 2016. My generation has been waiting for this film!!!! I'm extremely happy that Ellen Degeneres pushed as much as she did to make this movie happen and I can't wait to watch it. It was released in June but I've not had chance to go and see it yet. I'm hoping it's as good as it appears on the trailers. Baby Dory is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen and I like that they've kept the other characters in it the same as well.

"Absolutely Fabulous." Release Date: 1st July 2016. This film is now officially out in the cinema's so I'll be going to watch it really soon. I used to love the TV series of Absolutely Fabulous so when I was told it was coming out as a movie I was really excited. I'm just hoping they don't use the same gags (ones from the TV series) like they did with the Mr Bean Movie for example. Once I've heard a joke once I don't tend to find in funny again unless it's told in an original way, so we'll see how it is when I go and watch it.

Thanks for reading,

Dream Holiday Destinations.

I thought I'd do a quick blog post (because it's now Summertime!) all about holidays and where I'd most like to visit one day. I love travelling to new places and going on grand adventures and am currently saving as much money as possible so I can see the world after I've finished with University. I want to see EVERYTHING our planet has to offer but for now here's a very short list of three places I've always dreamt of visiting, hope you enjoy! These are in no particular order.

Disneyland Florida...
Disneyland Florida was a definite must when I began writing this list. I thought about Disneyland Paris (because it's meant to be cheaper) but I've always heard that the Florida attraction is one million times better and I've wanted to go ever since I was a little girl, but the prices for a family of five were truly ridiculous! They would always show deals on the television for families of four but when we worked it out we were looking at a £1000 each minimum! However I still plan to go to Disneyland Florida someday in the future because it was a massive part of my childhood and I shall love it forever. I still watch Disney films today and (like Harry Potter) it's something I've grown up with and will never forget.

Every time I see a picture of Hawaii I can't help but want to run to the airport and book a flight. All the photographs looks so scenically beautiful! The sea always looks extremely clean and clear and the weather looks warm, the beaches literally look perfect! You can also swim with dolphins and sea turtles which is something I've always dreamt of doing! Hawaii is always the first place I think of when I dream about going on holiday and it's one that I can't wait to visit in the future.

New York.
Finally... for obvious reasons! I study Musical Theatre at University and I'd love to go and see America's version of the West End. Broadway was always such a fun idea growing up. I'd like to see it for myself. I've heard great things about Times Square and the culture that surrounds the Big City. It's definitely the opposite of Hawaii where you'd get peace and quiet. I always imagine New York to be very loud and well, it's the city that never sleeps! I just find the idea of it so exciting and hope that I get the priviledge of visiting one day!

Well those are just three of my dream destinations!
Thanks so much for reading,
Let me know in the comments below where you've always wanted to visit!

Estee Lauder Foundation Review.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, RRP: £24-£30. I've mentioned this foundation in numerous posts on this blog but now it's getting a review all to itself. This was one of the first foundations I ever used (mainly because my acne at a young age was awful and this promised such high coverage) and I have to say it still works wonders today. I like that it stays in place and doesn't flake at all. I usually set it with powder and it stays put all day long without looking shiny anywhere. I've found with cheaper drug-store foundations that the product rubs off around my nose throughout the day but Estee Lauder doesn't do that at all and I know that I don't need to worry about my foundation throughout the day when I wear it. Sometimes I wonder if it's a bit too drying. I have oily skin but I still like to have a bit of a dewy glow and this product dries completely matte. If you use a primer underneath (and don't set it with too much powder afterwards) you can achieve a more dewy youthful complexion and for dry skin I'd definitely use a heavy moisturiser underneath. The coverage is very build-able and easy to blend, I just wish they had one more shade lighter than Ecru or one that gears more towards a pink undertone rather than neutral. Overall I adore this foundation and probably won't use another for a very long time. Hope you all enjoyed this review.
Thanks for reading,

Reading & Writing: My History.

Ever since I can remember I've been writing stories and reading books. I think it amused my family deeply when I'd sit round the fireplace with piles and piles of stories, reading a page and swapping to another book. My dad always asked how I could do such a thing without getting confused, but to me it was like pausing a movie and watching another one. I wrote stories for my family, mostly based on my Aunts and stories for my teachers also - mainly to get stars in my work-journal which allowed me to win free books. My headteacher (Mrs Rosemary Bewley) eventually started to give me the books. I think she became suspicious of how many stars I'd been getting in such a short space of time (granted my friends gave me quite a few of them as the prizes weren't of interest to them after they'd gone through the awards once). My headteacher was the kindest woman I can remember (besides my mother) and she always read the stories I gave her, never judging and always supporting. Sadly when I reached my final year in high school she was diagnosed with Cancer and took a long leave, only to return once with a scarf wrapped neatly around her head. I'm writing this now because it's something I've always done. I've always wrote everything down and I want to continue to do so by writing a novel completely. It's something that's going to take me a long time but something I'm determined to do. 
Thanks for reading,

Summer Make-Up Look.

(Olay) Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift 2 in 1 Moisturiser + Anti-Ageing Primer.
(Estee Lauder) Double Wear Foundation in Shade: Ecru.
(Makeup Revolution) Pressed Powder in Translucent.
(Maybelline) Gel Eye-liner in Black.
(W7) Oh So Waterproof Mascara.
(Maybelline) Great Lash in Blackest Black.
(W7) Honolulu Bronzer.
(Makeup Revolution) Blusher.
(Maybelline) White KOHL Eyeliner.
(Sleek) MakeUP Brow Stylist in shade: Medium.
(Eylure) Lashes in Vegas Nay, Grand Glamour.  
(JeffreeStar Cosmetics) Velour Liquid Lipstick in Prom Night.
(JeffreeStar Cosmetic) Skin Frost in Ice Cold.
(BHCosmetics) Fifth Edition - 120 Colour Eye-shadow Palette. 

This look was super quick and easy to create. I didn't do a wing on the liner because the lashes are so thick that you can't tell either way, so not drawing one saved me a lot of time. I applied a brown shadow to my crease as a transition shade and then a bright pink all over the lid (from the BHCosmetics palette) and I then added a purple shadow to the outer corner of my eye and the underneath. I also put white eye-liner in my water line to make my eyes look more open. You can totally change the colours up in the eyes and use different lipstick shades if you prefer. I just really liked the idea of bright dramatic pinks and purples.
Thanks for reading,

"Coal Face" by LUSH.

I'd like to start off this review by saying, I feel that this facial soap is absolutely PERFECT for my skin. I got this product from the LUSH in Birmingham and the staff were INCREDIBLE. I actually think they're the nicest LUSH staff I've met so far (and they're all lovely) but there was something about how welcoming this store was. All the employees were having fun and chatting to each other and it was such a lovely environment. My friend and I were speaking to one girl for ages and she was the one who recommended this product to me. The "Coal Face" soap contains an antiseptic that gently clears skin and absorbs oil which is perfect for me because my skin is so oily, especially in the summer, but can't seem to handle harsh "deep cleansing" skin care. What I love about this product is that it doesn't leave my skin feeling really dry. Sometimes when a skin cream/exfoliator/etc claims to absorb oil it leaves the skin feeling flaky but the "Coal Face" soap doesn't do that at all! It actually makes your face feel really smooth and hydrated. I normally apply it by wetting the soap and rubbing it directly onto my skin till I can see a thin layer of the product, then with damp hands I rub the product in till it gets foamy and then rinse it off. I've noticed a MASSIVE difference in the smoothness of my skin and the reduction of my blackheads and spots too. My skin gets used to products extremely quickly so I'm only using this once a day and it's been going well so far, fingers crossed that this continues to work for my skin and becomes a monthly favourite! 
Thanks for reading,

"Prom Night" Velour Liquid Lipstick.

There's been a lot of controversy recently about Jeffree Star Cosmetics but this post is purely about my opinion of the Velour Liquid Lipstick shade "Prom Night" and not about any personal views towards his character. 

My sister and I ordered two "Ice Cold" skin frosts and the "Prom Night" liquid lipstick on the 19th of June and we received our package on the 30th. Our whole order ended up costing £85.38 ($110.46) because we were charged an extra £18 by the Royal Mail - so if you're living in England just a heads up that the Royal Mail sometimes charge a handling fee which we weren't aware of before ordering our products and it states on the jeffreestar website that they aren't responsible for an additional custom fees.

On to the actual review: This shade is incredibly matte but not too drying and it lasts quite a long time as well. It did start to flake off after a couple of hours but I didn't use the lip scrub when I applied the product as it advised on the packaging! The shade looks extremely bright and is a true Barbie pink which I adore. When I wore it to work I had so many people asking me where I'd gotten my lipstick from. I'd definitely say it's a very bold and eye-catching colour. Someone even described it to me as a neon. I totally understand the hype around his products and want every single colour in his collection now. I didn't even need to use a lip liner! This shade didn't bleed into any of the fine lines around my mouth and after I applied it, the product dried really quickly and it didn't crease too much throughout the day. Because it's so bold I definitely think it looks better with a full face of make-up: fake-lashes, bold eye-liner, highlight, etc.   
Thanks for reading,


Thanks to "Birmingham What's On" I was able to go and watch Footloose at the Alexandra Theatre with my mother this week. We haven't had chance to go to the theatre since I've been back from University and we used to go all the time when I was in College so it was a massive treat to get to go and see a show together again! Footloose is one of those classic musicals that I think everyone needs to see. We had seats in the stalls on Opening Night and it was incredible! In the production Gareth Gates was supposed to play Willard but I was actually very happy when Luke Thornton came on instead because he totally smashed it! Luke's portrayal of Willard was hilarious and so full of energy. I also really loved the leading male who played Ren, he had a very relaxed presence on stage and I liked his vocal quality as well. The actors told the story exceptionally well and I totally recommend going to see this show before it leaves Birmingham! They're only at the Alexandra Theatre till the 9th of July and tickets are selling out fast!
Much love,

Mac "Sandy B" Review.

I've been meaning to buy a more natural lipstick shade from MAC for a while now and went to the pop-up store on the ground floor of the Bullring to get one last week. The woman on the counter was so SO helpful and lovely, which I didn't expect because MAC employees aren't always known as the friendliest (there are so many videos on Youtube under names like "My Nightmare Mac Experience" etc and I myself have experienced unwelcoming customer service from them in the past.) However, the popup shop in the Bullring were brilliant! I said to the woman that I was looking for something pink and sparkly, possibly a frost and she found this shade called "Sandy D". It's a petal pink with flecks of gold glitter throughout and it smells amazing. The lipsticks from MAC all have a distinct scent that I really love! Each lipstick (besides the special releases and limited editions) costs £15.50 and for a small tube they do last quite a long time. "Sandy B" is very frosty and shiny so it's not matte in the slightest and does come off quite easily if you eat or drink anything. I would say it lasts a good few hours on it's own without any primers underneath, but it gives your teeth a golden sheen if you get any on them so be wary of that with this shade. This is definitely becoming my staple day lipstick! Image above is from makeupandbeautyblog.com but has been edited and stretched to fit this blog layout.
Thanks so much for reading,

Birmingham & the Bullring.

On the 29th of June, Fiona came down from Wigan to see me and we had the cutest day out in Birmingham. It was raining but that didn't stop us from having a super incredible day. It's actually crazy how much I've missed Fiona since we left University and it was amazing to get to see her again! I can't wait to visit her in Manchester now!!! We spent the day in the Bullring and I got quite a few new things that I'll probably be reviewing in the future then we went for a cheeky Nando's and stopped at Starbucks for a coffee to end the day. I always compare Birmingham to a mini-London and it was so nice to show Fiona around and spend some time with her again! Thanks so much for reading,

Carrie: Book, Musical & Movie Reviews.

As promised I've finally made a post all about the "Carrie" franchise - apologies for its lateness. In this post I will be talking about the novel "Carrie" by Stephen King and the three movies that were made (based on the book) along with the recent musical adaptation. The movies were made in 1976, 2002 and 2013. There are things in each that I really love and others that I'm umming-and-arring about from film to film. So I really hope you enjoy this review and get into the thriller vibe of (in my opinion) one of the best horror books ever written. All images throughout this post were taken from Google images: Above photo, book, 1976, 2002, 2013, the musical.

The Book.

I'm a massive fan of the novel "Carrie" mainly because it's so cleverly written. Stephen King is literally the King of thriller/horror stories, in my opinion and the way he wrote Carrie really draws you in to believing the supernatural was based on true events. The story itself is based on two girls known by King in real life when he taught at a high school. Here's a quote from King about his inspiration for the book. "She was a very peculiar girl who came from a very peculiar family. Her mother wasn't a religious nut like the mother in Carrie; she was a game nut, a sweepstakes nut who subscribed to magazines for people who entered contests … the girl had one change of clothes for the entire school year, and all the other kids made fun of her. I have a very clear memory of the day she came to school with a new outfit she'd bought herself. She was a plain-looking country girl, but she'd changed the black skirt and white blouse – which was all anybody had ever seen her in – for a bright-colored checkered blouse with puffed sleeves and a skirt that was fashionable at the time. And everybody made worse fun of her because nobody wanted to see her change the mold." Throughout the book there are clippings from newspapers which adds a nice feeling to the story and it continuously draws you in right until the end. I just wish that one of the movies actually followed the correct ending!!!!!


This version is definitely one of my favourites. I tend to like the original movies better than the remakes because they set the bar and the standard for me. The acting is really organic and creepy in a vintage horror film kind of way. I find the sound effects really funny however as the sounds from "back in the day" are so unrealistic and sudden which makes it more comedic to me. I liked how dark this version seemed from the beginning to the end and Sissy Spacek (who plays Carrie) gave the most accurate performance of Carrie's reaction to the Prom blood scene (based on the book) in my opinion - picture to the left. I really liked the actress who played Margaret White also!


Out of all the actresses playing the leading role of Carrie I liked Angela Bettis' portrayal the most. She's what I personally imagined Carrie to look like when I read the book. Emilie de Ravin also played Chris really well in this version and they had a great dynamic throughout. I also liked that they didn't just start with the shower scene in this movie, they introduced the bullying first. The acting in this movie was the most consistent throughout the cast and the most realistic, in my opinion. Nothing seemed too over-dramatic. I also really liked how they flipped from the present day (when they were interviewing Sue) to the days leading up to prom which is similar to the format Stephen King used throughout the book. The mother (Margaret White) in this version seemed more tame than the other versions. She was more mentally stable and I didn't enjoy her portrayal as much as the other versions. I like that this is the only movie to use the correct written death of Margaret White also.


The main thing I really loved about this version of the film was the way Julianne Moore portrayed Margaret White. In the books she's described as an overweight grey haired woman but I love the way Julianne plays the total craziness of the character. I really liked how the opening scene was executed in this version. I loved that they chose to show parts of Margaret White's back-story (with the birth of Carrie) and they chose to add more elements to her insanity throughout the film. Everything else seemed a bit similar to the other versions. Carrie seemed a bit too normal for me in this film. I would have actually really liked to have seen Chloë Grace Moretz play Chris Hargenson instead.


The musical version actually has some okay songs in it. They're very modern and a bit pop-like. I like And Eve Was Weak and would actually love for them to do another run of the musical in London. It was considered a complete flop on Broadway and there aren't many videos online to find out why from a personal perspective. I did find a clipping from The New Yorker, however which might shed some light on things "Frank Rich, in the Times, compared it to the Hindenburg disaster, citing its “uninhibited tastelessness,” “faceless bubble-gum music,” and stage blood that resembled “strawberry ice-cream topping.” For years to come, people would talk about the Act Two opener, a song and dance about the slaughtering of a pig." If you want to read their full review it's all on The New Yorker.


None of the movies are one hundred percent accurate to the books. If you only want to watch one movie I would recommend the 2002 version. The 2013 movie is a more modern adaptation with a similar ending to the 1976 version but the 2002 version to me is the most accurate to the novel. My favourite Chris Hargenson and Carrie White are in the 2002 movie. My favourite Margaret White is in the 1976 and 2013 version and my favourite Sue Snell is in the 2002 version. I think Carrie is one of those stories that will continue to be remade and torn apart because there's so many different elements throughout the book to pick up upon.

I hope you all enjoyed this review!

Lashes for Big Round Eyes.

Hey everyone, happy first of July!!! I've really been into wearing false lashes recently so I thought I'd write a quick post about the kinds of lashes I'm currently look at, to suit the shape of my eyes which are really large and round in appearance. These lashes will suit big eyes and small eyes because most of them are thinner in the inner corner and thicker at the ends which helps to make the eyes appear more open. The first lot of lashes are ones that I've tried and repurchased and the rest are ones that I plan to buy and test out in the future! Images throughout are from Google images.

"W7 Get Real Lashes" I've been wearing these lashes for the past couple of days and I'm in LOVE with them. They're extremely affordable and easy to apply. The photo on the left is what the product looks like in the packaging (as I don't think these lashes have an individual name in the collection) and the photo on the right shows what they look like when applied. They stayed on for the whole day when I originally wore them and only started to peel at the corners towards the very end of the day when I was back home. I tested them with the glue that comes with the product and they stayed on for a decent amount of time. If you've got duo-lash glue they may stay on even longer. I think these lashes would be great for shows because they're really thick but in all the right places. Some lashes really close off the eye and from a distance they make your eyes look really dark. These lashes are so amazing I've ordered two more pairs online!

"Ardell Curvy Lashes 415."
I saw these lashes online recently and thought they'd have a similar effect to the W7 ones. Olivia actually recommended Ardell to me a while ago along with the Red Cherry brand because those were just a few of the lashes she'd bought at the time that I really liked. My eyes are round and parallel while Olivia's are more almond shaped so lashes that suit her might not necessarily suit me and vice versa. They lengthen more gradually than the W7 ones and are a bit thicker in the middle. These lashes are also really inexpensive and retail for around £3.99 which I think is the perfect price for lashes if you want nice ones to only wear once or keep and use a couple of times. I prefer to use my lashes more than once but I have friends who only buy them for the one time use. I really love the packaging of these lashes too because they have a very sweet vintage theme. You can buy these lashes online from falselashes.co.uk

"Eylure Enchanted Lashes - Forever."
These lashes are around £5.25 in price and they're more natural than the other two. They aren't as thick but they will still give you a lift in the outer corner and an open looking eye. I'd personally wear these lashes during the day and the two above I'd wear at night/for going out somewhere fancy. Again the packaging of these lashes really draws me to them. I like the floral fairytale theme of this collection and really think they have something for every eye shape. These are the ones I believe will suit rounder eyes the most however the "Charm" ones from this collection are also really good and unlike the "Forever" ones they're not limited edition! These have been around for quite a while but you can still get them online at falselashes.co.uk.

Thanks so much for reading!