My Braces Journey: The Consultations.

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Many people in my life already know by now that I've been saving my money to get braces. I used to have them in high school but being the irresponsible child that I was I didn't wear the retainers and everything moved back. So I eventually decided it was something that was truly bothering me and I saved up the money to get the procedure done.

I originally looked into Invisalign and visited a dentist in Birmingham (which shall go unnamed) who told me that it would be easily fixed and would only take a year with this technique. Invisalign is a system where you wear clear retainers that push your teeth into place with the help of small ridges in the plastic. The dentist asked me if there was a time frame that I'd prefer them off by, I said "No, I just want them fixed." and everything seemed fine, but I wanted to do more research and see if it was the best option for me, especially because of how much it was going to cost.

I decided to visit another dentist (in West Bromwich) called Divine Dentistry to get a second opinion. My initial consultation really opened my eyes. At this point, I'd almost been sold into getting Invisalign but Divine Dentistry advised against it saying he would refuse to do it because the result wouldn't be what I was after. I felt frustrated with the other practice in Birmingham who had seemed content to let a young girl have a procedure that wouldn't make much difference. Divine Dentistry were extremely honest with me which I really liked and suggested I book another consultation and bring a parent for advice and guidance. My second consultation I brought my dad for support. We discussed everything and when everything was clear I knew this would be the perfect company for me! (I researched and phoned over 20 practices in my area and none seemed as good a fit for what I was after then this one.)

I paid my deposit today and have an appointment next week to take X-Rays and photos and then the third appointment will be the one where he apply's the brace. We decided to go for a Damon Brace, clear on the top teeth and traditional brace colour on the bottom and I'm looking at about 18 months for the procedure to be complete and I get bleaching and cleaning included in the price we agreed upon at the end.I'll be posting updates every time I visit them so this is like a teeth diary really. Any questions, feel free to ask if you're interested in getting a similar thing done.

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How To: Be The Perfect Audience Member.

I'm back! Sorry for being so inactive this month. I've been working every day which has been amazing but I'm here today with a post that I've wanted to write for quite a long time. As many of you know I grew up going to shows in the theatre (which I am really grateful for) and I always remember being so enthralled with the performers and as a child with a wild imagination I got sucked into what was happening on stage and unlike today's younger generation wouldn't dream of speaking during a show. Things today are changing, which is AMAZING, but this post is a compilation of things to help you be the PERFECT audience member.
Nothing is more annoying than hearing the rustling of crisp or sweet wrappers. For some reason they're so loud you can't hear half the show because of it. I normally blame the actual theatre for this because there are always ways to avoid it. "Posher" theatres tend to give out small pots that you can put your sweets in before the show to avoid the dreaded rustling noises but just be conscious when you go to reach for your unopened bag of wine gums.
This one is more about talkers throughout the show and I'm guilty of it myself, especially if I go with my dad. You're so into the show that you just can't help sharing a personal opinion with the person next to you. When we lean closer to whisper (considerately) to each other, we often block the view of the person behind us. Even though it's just for a second, we've cut their connection with the show. 
I'm definitely not against children going to the theatre; in fact I think all kids should get the chance to go BUT parents should be able to keep them under control. I've been witness to some really hyper kids who talk all the way through the show, run around the aisles, continuously turn around and fidget. Why pay £30 minimum for a ticket when your child isn't even going to watch the show? 
This one is for those who can't live without their phones! To be a perfect audience member, you have to turn off your phone or at least put it on silent in your bag. I've seen people record performances, sit there and text, even play Angry Birds/Pokemon during a show and their phones shine with a bright beacon of light. Stricter theatres will come and tell you to turn it off but why risk it? 

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MOTD: 9 to 5.

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Musical/Movie of the Day: So today I watched the movie version of "9 to 5" and I have to say that while I enjoyed it I don't think it's a favourite for me. I love the music of Dolly Parton but without it, I don't think I would have fully enjoyed the movie as much as I did. The plot is quite standard chick-flick but I will say that it's very funny. It's just not what I expected. I imagine the stage version is probably better so I'm going to watch it and get back to you with a more in depth review.

Book Review: Harry Potter #8.

I absolutely adored this story! For those who don't know "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is NOT a novel, it's a copy of the script from the new play which is showing in London's West End! It's perfect for all us Potter Fans!!! It had me fangirling quite a few times throughout and now that I've finished it I just want to read it over and over again. I'm curious to see how they do certain aspects on stage, but I won't say anything more because I don't want to spoil it from anyone who wants to read it. I definitely recommend this with all my heart and it really doesn't take long to get through for those who aren't particularly fond of reading but still want to know the next part to the story. I read it extremely quickly and will probably read it again before I go and watch it. Five star rating from me to J.K.Rowling! I'll forever be grateful to her for making my childhood so magical.
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

I originally pre-ordered this book from WHSmith's and forgot to pick it up yesterday (it's quite far away for me to travel and I was at work!) so I ended up just popping over to Sainsbury's an hour ago. After my mom, brother and I went to Bingo, I quickly phoned them up and asked them to save me a copy and turns out, I got the last one! Massive thank you to the woman behind the customer services desk for reserving it for me! I'm absolutely over the moon that I managed to get a copy of this book as I know it's selling out fast! I've loved the Harry Potter Franchise ever since I was a little girl and I read all the books too growing up too so I'm extremely grateful to J.K.Rowling for coming up with the story and for allowing it to become a play which I'm hoping to see when I go back to University in September. I can't wait to do a book review for this and if you're not already (and you're an avid reader) go and check out - a website that allows you to share your favourite books and authors with friends. You'll also receive recommendations on what to read next and can also create yearly book challenges to complete along the way!
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