Book Review: Miss Peregrine's Series.

I got my copy of the first Miss Peregrine's book just as it became a bestseller and when I found out it was to become a movie (directed by Tim Burton) I instantly got on with reading it. They're all so gripping that I could hardly put them down and got through the first two (and half way through the third book) as the film came out. I was a little disappointed with the movie because of the amount of differences between it and the books. It seems such a shame to me that there will only be one movie instead of the three this series deserves. The characters are all so charming and they're in no way perfect, which is what's even more appealing to me. I was also gutted when I reached the end of the books because I didn't want them to end! But the ending was so perfect and sweet, it was a lovely way to end things. I will recommend this series to others and have rated each five stars on my goodreads account. Every book contains images that Ransom Riggs - the author - collected and used as stimulus for his stories. The photos add another layer to the readers experience and it makes it that bit more realistic to the imagination. Let me know what you thought of this series in the comments below!
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MOTD: An American in Paris.

Image result for an american in paris
Image result for an american in parisThe musical of the day is "An American in Paris." A few people in my musical theatre history class were talking about this show and I'd never actually seen it, so I took the time to sit down and watch the great Gene Kelly in another classic. I adore movies like this especially when they have big long dance numbers in them. The story to this one was a bit unusual but I still really enjoyed it because of the strong dynamic between the characters. I was a bit gutted about the ending if I'm honest. Part of me hoped that Jerry would end up with Milo instead of Lise. I didn't understand why he kissed her when he had no interest in her, even if he did think that he'd never see Lise again, it seemed a bit cruel to give Milo false hope when he knew she liked him. I'd like to see how that conversation went down with Lise after the movie ended. The dancing is incredible however and the musical numbers in general, I just wish the plot ended a little differently. 

Braces - Update.

Day 1 and 2...

My first-day getting braces were eventful but in a good way! I had an appointment which lasted an hour and a half. While they were putting my braces on I listened to my music and closed my eyes. There were three parts of the procedure that I found quite uncomfortable but the pressure/pain I felt disappeared a few seconds after it occurred. Once on I went through the rest of my day without much discomfort. I simply felt strange with this foreign metal in my mouth. I had the clear brackets on the top teeth and regular metal brace colour on the bottom. Towards the end of the night, I tried eating some egg fried rice which hurt a bit, so I ended up eating half a bar of chocolate and a few mouthfuls of tomato soup instead.

I really struggled on the second day as my teeth were more tender. I feel like I can't eat anything solid! I tried to eat a lightly toasted pitta which was a big no! I had to go to work that night and found out that the only foods I could eat (from Nandos) were sweet potato mash if I pick out the lumps, creamy mash and hummus without the pitta. I tried the macho peas but they weren't as easy to crush in my mouth as I thought and the same went for the skin on the sweet potato wedges. Anything that you can't swallow whole is a no really. For anyone thinking of getting braces or for those who have them already and want some food ideas for when they're tightened, I've made a list here...
  • Mash Potatoes *no lumps with cheese for more flavour.
  • Ice Cream.
  • Chocolate - in small squares.
  • Soup.
  • Yogurt.
  • Porridge.
  • Feta Cheese.
Hope this helps others in some way! I had my braces taken off in 2011 and have recently had them put back on. I forgot how painful they can be when they're tightened so if you're thinking of getting them again or are just having them put on remember that the pain disappears after a week or so. 
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