Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette Review

So I purchased this palette on for £38 which I was reluctant to pay but because of all the amazing reviews I thought I'd just go for it. It is so worth it and I'm so so so glad I bought it. The shadows are all super creamy and buttery and they blend out easily with great colour pay off and very little fall out. My favourite shades in the palette are toffee, wine n dine, teddy bear and cranberry splash.  (All the colours in my opinion are stunning but those are my top picks).

I've used this palette on many of my clients and they are all very pleased with the end result which as a makeup artist is so nice to hear. It's been so long since I've made a post on here so I have loads of products to review! If you want to purchase this palette, here's the LINK. My overall rating for this product is 10/10.
Thanks for reading!
Olivia x

Braces - Update.

I've had my braces tightened again and for some reason I had five brackets come off!!! I have very small teeth, especially towards the back so we think it's due to that. My dentist just removed the brackets from my back teeth and next time he'll add smaller ones that will be ordered in. I found that without those brackets my teeth didn't hurt at all. There was a very slight discomfort on the first and second day but after that I could eat okay, opposed to last time when I was in so much pain that I couldn't eat anything solid. I'll update you next time I get them tightened to see if there's any changes. It's been two months now and the change in my teeth, face and jaw is baffling me! My palette has definitely widened, my bottom teeth have been pushed forward and are much straighter and my top teeth have moved back. It's so exciting to see the changes so quickly and I can't wait for the end result!
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